The Guideline Development for Civil State Community Market Model Driven through Thailand 4.0 Policy

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Pramote Yotkaew et al.


The purposes of this study are to 1) assess the current situation of operating the community market in accordance with the Pracharath (civil state) project driven through Thailand 4.0 policy, 2) examine problems and barriers of managing the Pracharath (civil state) community market, and 3) explore and introduce the model of the Pracharath (civil state) community market. Additionally, the mixed method, combining quantitative and qualitative techniques, were used questionnaire with 402 samples. Also, in-depth data were collected by interviewing persons involved. Besides, Data were analyzed by using descriptive statistics, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), and interpretation. The result shows that 1) In terms of operating, the customers are quite impressed as they get what they want. The quality of the merchandise is the Pracharath (civil state) stores’ top priority. The products have to be standard and reliable. In addition, the staffs of stores are honest. In terms of distribution channels, The stores are conveniently located and easy to access. In terms of marketing promotion, information is always provided to customers. In terms of price, the prices of products are reasonable comparing to other shops. The analysis of the model, after the static adjustment, shows that all values passed the criteria. 2) Moving to problems and barriers in managing and operating the store, there is a lack of electronic equipment for use in the store. Besides, there are customers’ arrears. It was found that some products are about to expire. Also, the kinds of products are not varied. 3) The model of the Pracharath (civil state) community market should focus on customers’ motivation, for instance, giving an average dividend, return the benefits. The pattern of developing all those involved in community stores, marketing communication, and an excellent administrative system should be also focused on.


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