Marketing Activity Models Affecting Behaviour of Social Media Detox Groups in the Bangkok Metropolitan

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Rungtip Thaisom et al.


The purpose of this research is to study patterns of marketing activities that affect behavior of social media detox group which variables consist of demographic characteristics motivation factors, behavioral science factors, cognitive factors, and interest factors. In this research, a descriptive research study was conducted. The sample used in this research was the populations of Bangkok Metropolitan with social media detox behaviors of 400 people. Using the sampling method, which is cluster random sampling. The use of survey tools for data collection was by questionnaires. The research results were found that most of the respondents were female, aged 34-42 years with a bachelor's degree, occupation as a private company employee earning an average monthly income of 10,000-20,000 baht. The reason for a social media detox is to spend free time with family or peers. The reason to choose an alternative social media detox app as a way to find inspiration. An alternative app format for social media detoxes group because it is a motivational application. Internal stimulus that influences the motivation of a social media detox is because of emotional and emotional balance. External stimulus that influences social media motivation to detox is because of the changing technology. How to do a social media detox of a social media detox group is to look for other activities instead of choosing to view products or services on the ads of the social media detox group, choose to view products that search about Food / Drink. Most social media detox group of online advertising perception channels are perceived through social media. Most of the social media detox channels of online advertising perception are through television. Friends are the influencers of social media detox advertisement viewing. Reasons to watch social media detox advertisement as a guide to making decisions before purchasing alternative applications that social media detox groups have as an entertainment application. The survey takers spent the night (7.01 p.m.-11.00 p.m.) using an alternative application of the social media detox group. The usage period of the alternative social media detox application is 30 minutes-1 hours. The frequency of use of alternative social media detox applications is less than 10. Online advertising is affecting the behavior of detox social media group. Various applications offline advertisement is predominantly from the television. The use of sales representatives had the greatest effect on the behavior of social media detox group. Social and environmental responsibility activities have the greatest impact on the behavior of the detox social media group. Direct marketing using internet media can influence the behavior of social media detox groups. The sale/ giveaway will help promote sales, and the choice of entertainment applications will be able to generate the interest of the detox social media group.

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