The Development of Tourism Entrepreneurship for Community Based Tourism in Thailand

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Suppamas Rattanapipat et al.


The research aims to emphasize the entrepreneurship in community tourism development and to identify guideline of enhancing tourism entrepreneurship for community based tourism of Thailand. The research design was quantitative research. The samples consisted of 175 people living in the community, entrepreneurs in the community, government officials, folk philosopher, and community leaders who have tourism operations. Data were collected using a questionnaire. The major findings showed that an approach in the development of tourism entrepreneurship adhering to Community Based Tourism should focus on the development of 5 groups, namely 1) Community-based tourism management 2) Economic society and quality of life management 3) Conservation and promotion of community cultural heritage 4) A sustainable system management of natural resources and the environment and 5) Community based tourism services. This result shows the importance of entrepreneurial tourism for Community Based Tourism. It is essential reading for both tourism and entrepreneurship

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