Individual Student Planning Services with Web 2.0

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Gantina Komalasari, Wening Cahyawulan, Aip Badrujaman


Individual student planning as one of the components in the guidance and counseling comprehensive program provides services to help students understand and monitor their growth and development in order to take action on their next steps. School counselors need to adapt to today’s era in order to help students who are the part of the digital age. Web 2.0 is a recommendation for future career intervention. Web 2.0 tools and resources encourage collaboration between students and a careers counselor. The research method that was used was design-based research (DBR) and the model that is implemented is the Integrative Learning Design (ILD). The web 2.0 content is divided into two descriptions which are individual student planning strategies (individual appraisal, individual advisement, transition planning, and follow up) and peminatan (specialization) which describes the high school curriculum. This paper will discuss how web 2.0 tools can be developed and implemented in guidance and counseling services, specifically the individual student planning component.

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