"My Parents Do not Care": Analysis of Parental Treatment of Lesbians

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Asmidir Ilyas, Afdal Afdal, Ifdil Ifdil, Zadrian Ardi, Miftahul Fikri


Lesbian behavioral trends occur due to lack of control of parents who are not concerned with the activities of their children, causing children to do things that deviate from the prevailing values and norms. The purpose of this study to determine the condition of family background as the cause of lesbian in Padang. This research uses Qualitative method with case study design. The subjects of this study were three lesbians. Data were obtained by using participant observation technique and in-depth interview. The results showed factors causing lesbian behavior in the study subjects because of family background conditions that are less harmonious. With regard to the need for implications for parental parenting to prevent lesbian behavior is discussed further.

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