EMDR : An Alternative Effective Tool for Reduction of Academic Stress?

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Frischa Meivilona Yendi et al.


The stress often experienced by students is academic stress. Academic stress is a situation where students cannot face academic demands and the exception of the academic demands received as a disorder. If not handled properly, it will disrupt the effectiveness of learning and absorption of information on students. This study aims to reveal the effect of EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) in reducing student academic stress. The research method is an experimental study conducted with a repeated measure pretest and multiple posttest design. The subjects in this study were 15 students. The instrument used was an adaptation of the Academic Stress Inventory of students at universities and colleges of technology from Lin and Chen. Analyze the data using the one-way ANOVA for repeated measures. The results showed that EMDR is proven to be one of the effective tools to reduce academic stress on students.

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