The Potential of Melayu values as Bibliocounseling to Enhance Teenagers Social Skill West Borneo, Indonesia

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Hastiani et al.


This study aims to interpret the meaning of Melayu values for teenagers social skills will be compiled into a bibliocounseling. This study was conducted with qualitative approach especially with triple hermeneutics type. The main data source is the book covering the Bugis Melayu lineage and its kings, cultural history of the Robo-Robo Mempawah Regency and  Triangulation of data. It was found the Melayu value tradition are godliness, loyalty, caring, love and affection, togetherness, courtesy, communication flexibility, empathy, and having a strong heir soul. The values of social skills as content of bibliocounseling are used as a media guidance and counseling.

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