The Effect of Using the Differentiated Education Strategy on Achievement in Mathematics among Basic Elementary School Students in Jordan

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Dr. Talal Yousef Abu Amara


This study aimed to investigate the effect of using the differentiated education strategy on mathematics achievement among ninth grade students in Jordan. The number of the study members was (106) male and female students, who were divided into two groups: the first is  an experimental group that studied using the differentiated education method consisting of (24 male and 18 female students), and the second is a control group that studied in the traditional way consisting of (39 male and 25 students). The study plan of the experimental group included Geometry unit topics that were designed using the differentiated education strategy. An achievement Exam was done in the Geometry unit and it was judged , The values of honesty and reliability has been calculated, and the results of the study showed that there are statistically significant differences at the level of (α = 0.05) between the students ’grades in Mathematical Achievement due to the teaching method used for the benefit of the experimental group that studied in a method Differentiated Education, and the absence of statistically significant differences at the level of (α = 0.05) between students ’grades in achievement rates attributable to the gender variable, as well as the absence of a statistically significant interaction between the teaching method and gender.

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