Conceptual Bases of Full Realization of Women's Labour and Entrepreneurial Activity

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Zulfiqarova Dilfuza Gulomjanovna et al.


Today, the problem of poverty has emerged as a global problem in all countries of the world. Due to the difference in economic development, poverty is different and has a relative meaning. Prevention and reduction of poverty and improving the quality of life of the people, increasing the interest and aspirations of women in women's entrepreneurship, creating favorable conditions for the development of their entrepreneurial activities are the main foundations of today's reforms. In a country where there is a gap between the incomes of the population, it is clear that there will be poor people. Therefore, poverty cannot be eradicated, but it can be reduced through the development of entrepreneurship. The poverty rate is inversely proportional to the economic level of the country, i.e., in developed economies, the poverty rate is low, and in weak economies it is high. The whole world has turned its attention to solving this problem.

The accession of the Republic of Uzbekistan to global economic processes requires more active participation of women in the economic life of the country. Entrepreneurship is becoming an independent factor of women's sexual freedom in the economic sphere. At a time when society is renewing and entering the world economy, the development of women's entrepreneurship is encouraged. This is the main source of development of the real sector of the economy.

Through the socio-economic development of women's entrepreneurship, it is possible to observe a certain positive effect on achieving sustainable economic development of the country, especially in the prevention of poverty. This article highlights the role of women's entrepreneurship in the country's economy and the problems in its development and their solutions, conclusions and recommendations.

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