Mapping association: Analysis of elaboration skills through creative mind mapping on the subject of environmental change

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Gufron Amirullah et al.


This study aims to measure the value of the relationship between elaboration skills and creativity through mind mapping on the subject of environmental change in high school students. For that purpose, a total of 39 students were involved in this study. Participants were determined by convenience sampling to work on the instrument test and non-test issues. The test instrument is in the form of a description to measure the development skills and a non-test instrument in the form of a mind-mapping section to measure student creativity. Data were analyzed using a simple regression analysis after being entered on the Excel encoding sheet. This study shows a correlation between skill development and creativity through mind mapping of material changes in the environment (y = 30,977 + 0.7047x). The average score for student development and creativity in mind mapping was in the category 60.83 and 73.84 respectively. Based on the results of data analysis, the value of F (0.82 <2.98) is obtained, so the two variables are classified as linear. This study can inform the assessment of the relationship between good development skills and creativity in the creation of new ideas through a mind map.

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