Nyawer as a Unique Local Tradition at School Graduation Events in Indonesia

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Desvian Bandarsyah, Jumardi


The current school graduation ceremony has positive and negative meanings after the emergence of the "Nyawer" tradition with dangdut music entertainment instruments. This fact becomes an interesting public debate, considering that sexuality, morality and religion are the main references in the public debate. Certain indigenous groups consider this a religious or spiritual practice in the modern era. In contrast, the perpetrators (students) of the still young tradition are considered immoral conservation and exploitation. By exploring various community groups' perceptions, this article explains the culture of nyawer at school children's graduation, which is considered a unique tradition in Cibogo village, Tangerang, Indonesia. This study was conducted by interviewing teachers and principals. This article shows that the nyawer tradition is interpreted as a negative or immoral tradition by most of the community, furthermore for Islamic-based running schools. However, this unique tradition gives the meaning of happiness for students who graduate from school. The limitation of school graduation activities by organizing the nyawer dance is recommended for school stakeholders.

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