An Effective Optimization Technique of Extracted Watermark Image Using Particle Swarm Optimisation

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Mr. M. Selvaganapathy, Dr. R. Kayalvizhi


Nowadays the presence of noises in the extracted image is a major constrain in the Image Processing environment. An ultimate goal of this paper is to optimize the watermark image using particle swarm optimization. Earlier, the research focused on the video watermarking process where the watermark image is embedded into the video as invisible and can be sent to the receiver side for an extraction. While at the extraction stage, the image what embedded was not been retrieved at the receiver side due to the presence of various noises and occurance of errors in the medium. Hence while comparing the extracted image with the original image, the accuracy was poor and non reconstructable. So this paper serves solution for the above said problem using Particle Swarm Optimization Technique. As the end, the extracted image can be reconstructed to the maximum extent as equal to the input image. This scheme can be widely used in the Medical Imaging application, Defence, etc.

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