Executorial Strength of Deed of Peace in Civil Dispute Resolution in Indonesia

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Endang Hadrian


Civil dispute resolution can be settled through peace institutions with the legal product in form of a deed of peace. However, this institution has not been used by many people even though it provides the civil dispute settlement the executorial strength faster. Thus, it offers no further legal remedies be it in the form of appeals and cassation. Practically, a deed of peace is known to have executorial strength. However, some parties pursue the legal effort despite the peace settlement in the form of the deed of peace. The optimization of the use of the peace institution with executorial strength is expected to solve the problems. This study employed normative legal research with the perspective of legal/ judicial focused on rules/norms of Civil Procedure Law and comparative law through legal principles. It is the study of legal rules which are the benchmarks to behave appropriately. This study was carried out on the norms and principles in the secondary data, which were found in the primary, secondary, and tertiary legal sources.


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