Synthetic Light-Curve Analysis of a Short Period Binary System YY Eri

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Warisa Pancharoen, Wiraporn Maithong


YY Eri, the short-period binary system, is a W UMa type of the eclipsing binary system. This study using a 0.7-meter telescope with CCD photometric system in B V and R filters. It was observed at the Regional Observatory for the Public, Chachoengsao, Thailand on December 5, 2018, UT. The MaxIm DL software was used to analyzed the images photometry to produce the light curve. The Wilson-Devinney technique was computed the synthetic light curve that prefer to the physical properties of the YY Eri. The results show that the effective temperature of the primary and secondary star was 5533 and 5598 K, respectively. The inclination is 81.450 and the mass ratio is 0.55. The degree of contact was calculated as 16.64%


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