Nature and Trend of Female Participation in Higher Education in Assam: A Case Study of Gauhati University

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Sourav Saha


 Higher education plays a crucial role in socio-economic transformation of a country. At present the rate of female participation in higher education has been increasing, especially in the urban and sub-urban areas of the State Assam. But this scenario is very much disheartening in the State’s rural areas. Very recently, some new universities have been established in Assam which makes the rate of female participation in higher education increased. However, the involvement of female in different technical and job oriented courses is still lagging behind. The present study is therefore an attempt to analyse the trend and pattern of women participation in different faculties of Gauhati University and also to investigate the socio-cultural factors behind the low rate of female participation in some particular faculties. The study is based on secondary data collected from the office of the university.

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