COVID-19: Transmission, Incubation and Iceberg Phenomenon

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Agnishikha M. Patwardhan, Dr. Swaroopa Chakole



The COVID-19 has destroyed in men and money as well. The casualty as well as the economy suffered so much that it must be contained as soon as possible and by all means.


The pathophysiology needs to be carefully examined in case of coronavirus which causes the COVID-19 infection. The mutated virus said to be more virulent so more research is needed in order to study the virus effect. The iceberg phenomenon in case of COVID-19 is necessary to take into account and testing of all the patients must be done to ensure the negative reports. Also, man animal conflicts and human nature interaction must be so managed that bot have win win situation as the COVID-19 is not the last pandemic that world has seen.


It is important to be aware regarding deterioration of the nature due to human ventures. More study on the iceberg phenomenon in terms of COVID-19 and its applicability should be done in order to redesign the mitigating measures.

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