A Review of Some Positive Aspects of COVID-19 Pandemic

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Aishwarya Rajesh Kothari


The novel corona is keeping people indoors due to the increasing fear and mass confusion, it indeed has affected both the physical as well as mental health. We have been in the lockdown for over 4 months now and majority of us are knackered with the prolonged countrywide lockdown. Life has changed in months and beyond recognition. The virus has not only taken lives globally but also has given an unprecedented shock to the Indian economy. The magnitude of the economic impact depends on the duration of the lockdown, severity of the health issues and the manner in which the situation unfolds once the lockdown is lifted.The above mentioned reasons are sufficient enough for a mental breakdown but if look closely, Despite all the obvious hardships, we’ve shown incredible resilience.

During this period of lockdown everybody has started to live a different lifestyle which we could not imagine doing if given a choice.From doing all the household work at one side and balancing work life on other hand.We all come to know how to balance a personal and professional live on a lever of work from home.A new concept of ONLINE STUDIES has become familiar to each and everyone.Even though the pandemic has taken lives of thousands but it has also taught us a more broad spectrum way of looking at world and a way of living also.So in a nutshell there are a lots of things which happened for betterment of human lives and for mother earth as well.

As it is said in course of time only the best will survive, this period of pandemic and lockdown was a very demanding and challenging time so only the best will survive.This apparent immortal pandemic has affected mental health to a level that all of us have actually ghosted the brighter side of it ,like the most obvious rationale for a lockdown is that the lockdown will contain and hopefully reduce the number of Covid-19 infections, and possibly give enough time to infected patients to recuperate ,Besides this there are various other positive effects that we as humans haven’t paid attention towards Following are a few unseen positive effects of the Covid 19.

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