Pathophysiology Of Corona Virus Infection and COVID-19 Pandemic

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Bhavesh Surkar, Dr. Swaroopa Chakole



The new entrant in the coronavirus family named novel coronavirus or SARS-COV-2 cases the COVID-19 which has proven deadly surpassing the one million deaths mark due to the said disease.


The COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in all parts of the world and needs constant monitoring to establish some trends in order to device containment plans. The study of its epidemiology and pathophysiology is crucial as the viral strain is new and chance of mutation is high among it. Diagnosis and identifying the infected person must be followed by proper treatment in order to cure him and stop the viral spread. Clinical management and if required post treatment management of the infected person should be handled carefully as some patients with comorbidities are prone to severe symptoms.


More study needs to be done in order to constantly aligned the plan according to the clinical conditions. From non-pharmacological interventions to immune booster diet all the measures must be employed if it helps but only after establishing proper positive correlation between its effectiveness and treatment.

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