COVID-19 and Diabetes Mellitus

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Kirti Agrawal, Dr. Swaroopa Chakole



COVID-19 id proving deadly for the people with underlying health conditions. It is important to make strategy according to the current scenario and leave some space for changes that are happening dynamically.


COVID-19 and comorbidity are meant to prove lethal and accounts for maximum number of deaths in case fatalities induced due to COVID-19 complications. Diabetes tops the table with a quarter of fatalities are induced by it when in COVID-19 infection. Various post COVID-19 health implications are also increasing the need of awareness about preventive measures that must be followed by all the people and not by particular section.


More study needs to be done although present studies has already clarified about the deadly combination of COVID-19 and diabetes. Also nuanced aspects such as age wise and type wise segregation of data would serve the purpose of drawing more feasible containment model.

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