COVID 19 Disease: Effects on Health of Children

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Dr. Mrunali Khandale


COVID-19 disease outbreak was first reported in Wuhan china and was later reported to have spread throughout the world. As a global pandemic declared by WHO in march 2020 as of dated  24th December infected patients are  74.4million  and recovered 44.3million  and deaths are 1.73million . This is an global emergency which forced people to go into lockdown this lockdown helped to reduce the virus lode but it also caused many consequences like it affected children far from parents and families migrated for work because of restriction for social gathering all school , colleges ,offices ,industries are shut down this made peoples to lost their jobs and also give rise to trend of work from home and study from home entire education system is now online .according to UNICEF nearly 1.5 billion children out school and some 99%children are living with restriction on movement. this isolation has caused many disruption in daily routine of every single person   not only economically poor but   also economically sound are also suffered .some of the working peoples lost their job and those who travelled to metro cities lost their source of income and they have to leave these cities and return to their native places because of lockdown all the district borders are closed which land them in great trouble .also they don’t have any transportation so most of the people travel by walking which made lots of adult and also children suffer because of dehydration and fatigue many suffered this also land in death of many migrants and this include some of the children .this huge migration of people from their work place to villages made impact on minds of children they have to go through lot of trouble during this travel which may cause mental trauma for them and adjusting in new life in their village is difficult for them. Halted vaccination program has impacted child health and increase chance of vaccine preventable disease . children already suffering from diseases like mental diseases has lost access to physician this  impacted adversely their treatment .also blood disorders in children who require regular blood transfusion are under danger during this pandemic . the pandemic has huge impact on health care system because of increased work strain .this halted the pediatric health care .

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