Prevention of Transmission of COVID-19

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Sanskruti Tiwari


Coronavirus disease is caused by an RNA VIRUS, sars-cov-2. It has become a global pandemic. With no defined treatment modality or vaccine prevention becomes the mainstay in control of this pandemic. The spread of this disease is through contact, aerosol, fomites  etc. It can be prevented with the help of social distancing, hand hygiene , respiratory hygiene and strict isolation of cases. This article deals with various interventions to stop the spread of coronavirus disease.

The outbreak of this pandemic started inHunan seafood market place, Wuhan, China. No preventive measures were taken by the Chinese authorities which led to the outbreak of this deadly disease. Human to human transmission could have been easily prevented by simple measures like quarantine , isolation etc but due to utter negligence and no proper preventive strategy this pandemic happened. The responsible thing that can be done to control the spread of this disease is prevention. Prevention is also necessary till proper treatment strategies and medicine gets approved. Research is still going on throughout the world by experts in this field to control this pandemic. Although the case fatality rate of covid 19 is still low that is less then 1.5% still it proves to be a huge disease burden in todays situation. The old and deblititated should be more careful. Prevention of this disease can only be done with the proper use of masks, hand washing and sanitization, prevention of overcrowding , proper quarantine norms, early testing and isolation of cases.

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