Covid-19 in Vulnerable Population and Measures of Prevention

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Shivangi Jain, Dr. Swaroopa Chakole



COVID-19 or coronavirus disease 2019 is the most lethal disease outbreak of the century. Casualties include certain section of population which are vulnerable to the disease due to their weak immune system response. 


Certain section of the population is more susceptible to develop more critical illness outcome than their other counterparts. These vulnerable people includes elders, pregnant women, infants, people with underlying health problems and so many other people. Targeted approach towards these group in terms of safeguarding them from the infection may prove to be beneficial in overall containment measures. 


Preventive measures are the best suited containment measures for disease like COVID-19 which has not only short term but has long term implications. Dedicated study might reveal a more nuanced approach for the same.  

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