The Role Of Integration Between Lean Construction Tools In Rationalizing Construction Project Costs

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Enas Saad Abdal Aziz , Fayhaa abdullah yaqoob


The construction industries are distinguished from other industries by a special character in terms of their large size and continuous growth, and the dependence of many industries on them to secure their needs of various facilities, as the construction industry is an industry that produces its main product, construction. Examples of construction projects are buildings and paving roads. Building bridges, establishing schools, hospitals, etc. Most of the construction projects suffer from exceeding the specified time and the secret cost of the project, for several reasons, including the work environment, the country’s conditions, the method of managing the project’s cost, the techniques used in the implementation of the project, and accordingly, the concepts of Lean Manufacturing that help in addressing the causes of waste, in terms of Time and cost, accordingly, this study came to address deviations in the cost or time spent on lean construction techniques and to identify their causes in order to rationalize costs. . In addition to diagnosing waste areas and finding solutions in possible ways through the use of lean construction tools represented in the value flow map, standard work, continuous improvement, and total quality management. To analyze the stages and tasks of any project to reach the sources of waste and try to cancel unnecessary activities and find possible ways to implement them in order to improve the construction work and complete the projects on time and within the planned cost limits, taking into account the maintenance and raising the level of quality.

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