Using Hypnoteaching Method To Enhance Students’ Motivation In Learning English

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Ardiya, Wandi Syahfutra


In the Education sector, teaching and learning process still being a concern faced by the teacher and students in learning English Foreign Language. Some methods in teaching have been developed but in fact several obstacles still faced by EFL students in learning English. Teachers as educators still getting difficulties in exploring the methods or strategies in teaching which these problems infected to the students understanding and motivation in learning English. This writing aims to find out the suitable method used by the teacher and various problems faced by students in learning English. To find the answer of the problems the researcher used quantitative method with quasi-experimental design. Based on the results of the research data processed using the paired-sample t test, there were found significant differences before and after implementing the hypnoteaching method in learning English with alpha results less than 0.05, and the data of questionnaire mean of measure at 4.41 with Likert scale level in high category. This study is beneficial in enriching literature in the scope of English education study programs, especially in Indonesia and others adopting English as a foreign language as a matter of applying appropriate and a more effective learning methods

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