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Jasim Mohammed Rashid Rashid


Clarifying the image of the desired future is one of the first tasks of the successful leadership, which draws its followers the features and milestones of this future. Indeed, future science today has become one of the important sciences for which research, studies and centers are held, and this science was clear to the prophets, peace be upon them, for it is like a science of history, and if It was in the future and it has not yet occurred, but among the prophets and wise men there is a date that falls in the future that can be read and the path that he will follow. This is our master Moses on him and on our Prophet, may prayers and peace be upon him, he offers the Messenger of ALLAH Muhammad, may ALLAH  bless him and grant him peace, an integrated reading, not to his ummah to which he was sent but to the nation of Muhammad peace ALLAH  be upon him and she was at the beginning of its inception, and he is with the Supreme Companion, that this ummah cannot tolerate fifty prayers a day, so your Lord asked to reduce your nation, even though it is a future that has not yet come, and this our master is kind to him and our Prophet, prayers and peace, submits a report to ALLAH  the Wise and the All-Knowing that The future of these people is not better than their past And if we go back to the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, we find the clarity of future events before him as the clarity of past events that occurred and passed, so what happened in the migration with the great companion Saraqa bin Malik, is the clearest evidence of what they intended As for the science of the future in the Noble AL  Qur’an, ALLAH Almighty made it clear and made it subject to laws and Sunnahs. When these laws and these Sunnahs are applied, the results are identical to that. The Noble AL  Qur’an has put introductions into which results can be obtained.

Therefore, the idea of ​​this research came about how the ummah can read its future based on the facts of the reality in which it is living, and the interest of the first generation in the anticipations of the Prophet, may ALLAH bless him and grant him peace), highlighting examples of the influence of the prophetic foresight on the lives of the honorable Companions, may ALLAH  be pleased with them.

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