Impact of Organizational Communication on Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Job Satisfaction: Research Findings

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B. Siva Naga Devi, Dr. M. Kamaraj, Dr. Ravi Prakash.K


Communication play a vital role at all levels of organization. It affects employee commitment level, Citizenship behavior and job satisfaction levels of employees. The purpose of this study is to understand and assess how organizational communication effects organizational citizenship behavior and Job satisfaction levels. Data was collected from 85 software employees working at different levels by using close ended questionnaire. It was concluded that organizational communication has direct and positive relationship with employee Job satisfaction among software employees. The analysis further proven that organizational citizenship behavior as a mediator further weakens the relationship between organizational communication and job satisfaction. Although much previous research is existed in association of organizational communication, Organizational citizenship behavior and job satisfaction, but this is of first known attempt to assess mediating effect of OCB in relation with other variables.

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