HRM practices and Sustainable Competitive Advantage Evidence in National Bank of Bahrain

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Dr: Ibrahim Mohammad Hatamleh


The main purpose of this paper is to investigate how the HRM practices create a competitive advantage in the National Bank of Bahrain as a case study, from the perspective of the workers on the Bank. Thus data were collected from a randomly sampled respondent consist of 168 managerial employees of nine sub-bank locals in Bahrain through using a well-structured questionnaire, and validity and reliability to a questionnaire have been tested. descriptive and analytical methods were used, in addition, the Pearson correlation coefficient and simple linear regression test and Unilateral variation analysis (ANOVA). A key question measured in this research to explore how HRM practices which identified in five main factors (as planning and Job Analysis, and Recruitment and Selection, training and development, and Compensation (Pay and Benefits) seek to gain competitive advantage. The findings showed that there is a statistically significant effect of the dimensions of human resources management practices on achieving considerable a competitive advantage in the National Bank of Bahrain

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