Integration of ICT in academic and administrative management processes

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Edwin Martinez-Alvarez et al.


and administrative management in Colombian educational institutions. In the integration of ICT, academic and administrative management are determining factors for the improvement of quality in the learning-teaching process in an educational institution, it is there where the importance of a curriculum design, pedagogical practices and management lies. of classroom directed to the implementation of technological tools where creativity and innovation of students and teachers are promoted, making the school an attractive and attractive setting for education. The investigation was raised from a quantitative approach, as for the method used in the investigation the hypothetical - deductive method was used, to collect the information the survey technique was applied and three questionnaires with a Likert-type scale were developed as instruments. Pearson's correlation coefficient (α = 0.05) was used for the data analysis method. The population consisted of 185 teachers of elementary, secondary and middle school from eight educational institutions in the district of Turbo, Colombia. Concluding that there is a significant relationship between the integration of ICT and academic and administrative management in educational institutions in the district of Turbo-Antioquia, Colombia.


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