Solid waste management strategy as an alternative energy source for the economic driver in Gading Kasri Malang City

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Dwi Arman Prasetya et al.


The economic factor is one of the keys to an area that can be advanced and independent. Until now, the community is still dependent on expensive fuel, while using raw materials around the Gading Kasri village is the right idea. One of the pictures to improve the community's economic factor in the Gading Kasri village is how to convert waste into fuel. The benefits obtained are substantial, including helping the community's economy, reducing plastic waste, and turning plastic waste into energy that is useful for cooking, starting motorbikes, and other powers. In this research, the design of the Combustion Optimization Tool for the Distillation of Plastic Waste into Oil Fuel (BBM) was made as an effective solution to produce an energy source in the form of gas oil with a maximum volume when compared to previous designs for similar devices. In this design, a plastic waste burner cross-section is made in the form of a circular crossbar so that the volume of waste and the effectiveness of combustion that is collected can be more in work. Furthermore, this tool will be used by the community in the Gading Kasri Village to be more beneficial for the organization or the general public.


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