Learning Management in Suburban Schools During the Midst of COVID-19

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Bernadetha Nadeak et al.


This study was conducted to determine how the teachers manage to learn in suburban schools during COVID-19. This thesis was conducted at Kristen Indonesia University. The method of this study was quantitative research with a survey design. The instrument used was a set of questionnaire which consisted of 24 statements. Two hundred thirty-five teachers involved in this research. The findings of the analysis showed that 85% of the teachers find it difficult in managing the learning at schools because most of the students do not have laptops, 87% of the teachers said that it is difficult to get in touch with the students for having low signal and wasteful of using data packages because many students lived far from urban areas. Teachers are deemed ineffective because as many as 83.5% of teachers stated that their students are not familiar with online before the COVID-19 Pandemic. The conclusion is that it is clear from various points of view that COVID-19 is a disaster that affects almost all sectors of human life, including teaching. However, it cannot be denied that the Pandemic of COVID-19 also provides educational institutions with the opportunity to become technology literate. The implementation of online teaching has become a catalyst for advancing the process of digital transformation of Indonesian learning

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