Improving Regional Socio-Economic Policies Based on Human Capital Management

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Gairat Zuvaitovich Ubaydullaev


Theoretical substantiation and development of an organizational and economic mechanism for managing human capital in the development of the country. The purpose of the study is to study the theoretical and methodological foundations for the development of human capital and the digital economy in the economy of Uzbekistan.The purpose of this work is to identify the development of socio-economic relations that characterize the relationship of human capital as an innovative factor in socio-economic development. The study focuses on the concepts and strategies of the country’s socio-economic development, developed by the state, giving priority attention to the growth of human capital and the development of the digital economy, the formation of targeted problem-solving programs.Comparisons and similarities in the work of our historical scientists in the development of the education system are the main goal in the growth of human capital.

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