The Impact of Inverse Learning Style in Learning Teaching Skills for Third-Year Students’ Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - Diyala University

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Dr. Ahmed Aqeel, Prof. Dr. Hanan Adnan Aboob, Prof. Dr.BasmaNaeem Mohsin


The modern educational philosophy focuses on the student, especially in the subject of teaching methods being the center of the educational process, the teaching process must look at the student comprehensively taking into account the different patterns of their learning, the scientists of physical education from a few decades tended to focus on providing students with methods and skills of self-learning, and critical thinking, so I use The researcher's experimental method for its suitability of the nature of the research, with the tight control of the tribal and dimensional test of the experimental and control groups only and was based on the dimensional measurement only of the variable of the cognitive achievement measure for teaching skills,  was determined the meeting of the research meeting students of the third stage- Faculty of Education Physical and Sports Sciences - Diyala University, numbering 190 students, was identified as an experimental and controlled research sample in a random, irregular way (lottery) and division (A) was also selected by lot, as the division (a) was selected experimental and division b officer The total number of students (32) students divided into two groups of (16) students per group and a percentage (16,842) and the proposed curriculum (8) teaching units and two teaching units per week with a time of (90) minutes For the single teaching unit, the tests were conducted and data collected before the start of the curriculum and repeated it after completing all teaching skills after the curriculum and after statistical analysis system(sps)the results showed that the inverse learning method has a positive effect on teaching skills and concluded the researcher that the inverse learning style has direct effectiveness in learning teaching skills and then the method followed (command)..

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