Digitalization of Public Control

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Yakubov Shuxrat Ummatalievich


This article proposes a modern, new idea of ​​increasing the effectiveness of public control. This is "electronic public control". As digitalization leads to a positive outcome in all areas, this method further enhances public scrutiny. Increases practical significance. So far, the scientific basis for the digitization of public control has not been studied in depth. Because this is a new direction. This research was conducted on the basis of observation, generalization and axiomatic methods. Public oversight practices were followed. The existing legal framework and their practical implementation were studied. As a result, some problems with the implementation of public control were identified. In particular, the failure of laws and its causes. Simple and effective methods of citizen control have not been implemented. Legal mechanisms for electronic reporting are not fully formed. The practice of organizing public discussions through digital technologies has not been formed. In general, real-life situations were not taken into account in the exercise of public control. Public control needs to be digitized to address these issues. Convenience should be created for ordinary citizens. Strong control over the activities of the state body, its official must be established. This ensures the rule of law. The article makes suggestions and recommendations based on the analysis of existing problems in this area.

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