Monitoring of Road Conditions Based on Geographic Information Systems: A Case Study of Yangiyul District of Tashkent Region, Uzbekistan

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Rashidbek M. Xudoyqulov et al.


Modern requirements for road management require the use of new technologies and methods in solving the problems of construction, reconstruction and maintenance of roads.  Currently, road organizations have begun work on the creation of a geographic information system for roads; digital maps with the location and layer of roads are being assembled.  Information about roads, is very important data for many social-economic sectors of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In this paper, creating geospatial digital and informative map of roads of Bukhara district of Tashkent region is revealed. The map covers all types and categories of roads. All availability conditions of roads inserted to attribute table of ArcGIS 10.2 and analyzed geospatial operations. On maps, created by not road organizations, information about roads is presented in a standard form, which leads to the lack of modern information on the condition of roads.

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