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Mohammed Muqbil Nasser Al-Muqbil


The current era’s developments require the expansion of research into the goals and purposes of Sharia when tackling social challenges in the Muslim world; especially in the issues currently under discussion and controversy, which is women’s work. In the research that we have here, a presentation that accompanies these developments and that deals with the desired purposes of women’s work comprehensively, showing the concept of women’s work through the goals of the Sharia, illustrating the deep connection between the concept of the work in question and preserving the five essential goals of the Sharia: Preserving religion, facilitating education, protecting human life, preserving one’s honor and one’s wealth. The author then went on to observe these goals in the matter of women’s work, in terms of preventing harm, achieving justice, balancing benefits and harm to society, and discussing the outcomes of women’s work, such as the doing of good, contributing to society, maintaining good societal manners, and obtaining the best education for one’s dependents. Then he concluded with the writing’s most prominent results and recommendations.

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