Semantic fields in Surat Al-Waqi’ah

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Faleh Hassan Kata'a Al-Asadi


From the research it was found that the meaning of the words mentioned in Surat Al-Waqi’ah is not scattered words; Rather, it is based on classification based on fixed indicative fields.  The research showed that the meanings of these words are becoming clearer in their semantic field assigned to them, and the words are organized into fields that combine common features; Because the meanings of these terms in the dictionary are separate and far between, and in their semantic fields they are classified and arranged. The research proved that the meanings of the words have relations and connections within the same semantic field, whether it is a relationship of similarity, a relationship of difference, or a relationship of contrast. The research showed that semantic fields theory is suitable to be an approach that contributes to analyzing the significance at the same linguistic level in an accurate and accurate way, as it makes the process of revealing the relationships between words easy and easy. The research revealed the profound connection between the words mentioned in Surat Al-Waqi’ah and their meanings, as the words do not live in isolation from each other, thus dropping the saying in the arbitrary theory in the language that some of the modernists called for. The research proved that semantic fields theory constituted a generous time in revealing the relationships between the meanings of words in the single semantic field.The research proved that semantic fields theory existed with the ancients, which was abundant with previous heritage and linguistic books, and it is an ancient Arab practice, even if it lacks the term and title such as (the book) and the book (Jurisprudence of Language and the Secret of Arabic) as well as many other books that are concerned with the classification of words according to Their meanings, arrangement and type of relationship. The research showed that the semantic relationships between the words mentioned in Surat Al-Waqi’ah are classified within the fields of strength, vibration, concussion, lowering and elevation, and this is clear from the name of the surah, which is the event, i.e. the Day of Resurrection after people are resurrected again.


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