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Sasadee Kamphaengdee , Chompunuch Sriphong, Piyada Maneenin


The current situation of community enterprises call for greater success in nowadays. The capability of community enterprises must be required for advantage and they can be categorized into three main points as following; attitude toward building business alliance, success factor toward building business alliance and business alliance model. The methodology of research is to interview 41 informants and analyze descriptive data. Therefore, it can be found that members of community enterprises have positive attitude toward building business alliance and interest to join and support each other in the business. The member of each alliance partner builds trust of each other, accept mistakes and be a part of problem solving. This is the one of success factors and the model of building business alliance by matching products from community enterprises. The process is to match community enterprise which some products are compatible in order to develop new products of each alliance partner. The suggestions from research process by using business alliance will help community enterprise have better potential in production, increasing profit, lower cost production, create advantage in competitive and preventing new competitors in their area.

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