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Ahmad Agung Yuwono Putro, Suyanto, and Yoyon Suryono


This study reveals the practice of education at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Baiquniyyah, an elementary school educational institution that has implemented a boarding school system in Yogyakarta for decades. Pondok Pesantren which is originally an institution devoted to deepening the knowledge of Islam has metamorphosed into educational institutions that integrate religious goal: education and general education or formal education. Pondok Pesantren which has complex learning system, many study materials, strict rules and the obligation to stay in the cottage need the right education formula. Data collection is done directly to the research location by observing the process of educational implementation, interviewing the people involved in the education process and analyzing the school documents. The results of the study found that the education of Elementary School-Pesantren Based Baiquniyyah carries out education by giving priority to religious and cultural values. Kyai (Priest), ustad (chaplain) and teacher can replace the role of parents as mentors and role models, so santri or students which are generated understand the religion and intelligent in academic. This study concludes that education conducted in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah with the basis of pondok pesantren has implemented a religious humanist education.

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