Styles of Parenting as a Significant Factor of Stress Tolerance among Adolescent School Children

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Ajith R Pillai, Dr. Sethuraja Kumar


The individual as the back bone of the society is to be shaped all along the childhood over adolescence to turn out to be a competent person. In this progression parents turn out to be the major inspiration in their child’s life. Their perception on the mode of raising the child is persuasive in shaping the behavior of the adolescent child. Studies expose a co-relation between parenting styles and competency.

Styles of Parenting generate diverse social environs in the lives of adolescent children. Children goes through assorted stages in life conferring to which the parents must have to craft and construct their peculiar parenting styles from a amalgamation of aspects that advance overtime as the adolescent child activate to nurture their identifiable personalities. The child’s temper and the cultural patterns of the parent have a say on the type of parenting style the adolescent child may be given. Initial researches in parenting as well as child development established that sublime parents foster their child properly and provide them independence with justifiable control. Such an adolescent child offer the impression to have greater intensities of proficiency and are socially restored skilled and adept.

Adolescence is a significant age in the development of the hale and hearty behavior and lifestyle for the individual. Discoveries from different studies put forth that the eminence of parent adolescent child relations has significant influence on the stoppage of risky adolescent conducts as well as assist them in coping up with the stressors. Present paper is solitary a step in the direction of the identification of those glitches of parenting in a varied society.

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