Drivers of Consumer Engagement in Social Media Embedded Brand Communities: A Theoretical Approach

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Ishleen Kaur, Dr.Bikramjit Singh Hundal


In a technology driven dynamic world, brand managers need to abreast and equip themselves with the latest technological methods to sustain their brands in a competitive market. For millennials, brands with no online presence are non-existent. Social media platforms offer vast scope for marketers in the form of brand communities to entice and engage existing and potential consumers. The main question brand managers are facing today is what drive consumers to engage in social media embedded brand communities. Therefore, the main aim of the study is to identify the drivers of consumer engagement in social media embedded brand communities. The drivers of consumer engagement in social media embedded brand communities are derived from the existing literature and theory support. The study discovered brand identification, brand satisfaction, brand trust (brand-focused), online brand community identification, online brand community satisfaction (social), information, entertainment, networking and monetary incentives (community benefit) as drivers to stimulate consumers to engage with brands as well as with other community members to sustain brands via brand communities. The implications for academicians and practitioners are also discussed.

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