A Global Revolution of Work with Smart Hr 4.0

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Ms.K.S. Malavika, Dr.P.Mohana


Today’s workforce focuses on successful Smart HR 4.0 strategy to cope up with Industry 4.0 transformation challenges.  Industry 4.0 is a vision that evolved from an initiative to make the German manufacturing industry more competitive to a globally adopted team. The emerging technologies will automate most of the HR processes resulting in efficient and leaner HR teams. Companies are equipped with new levels of innovation and growth when thoughtfully designed and intelligently deployed in order to achieve competitive advantage. But to get there, company leaders should be forward-thinking about their HR strategies, and always mindful of their people. An agile workforce is the necessity in the growing scenario of automation.In this article, we recommend that organization start thinking about what’s authentic in the way being more proactive in managing talents. The contribution of this research is that there lies a strong bond between new educational requirements of Industry 4.0 and thereby organizations adoption level should be improved.

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