Practical Aspects of Tales (Sadhu Katha): An Analytical Study

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Deepak Nath


Tales or Sadhu Katha, written in harmony with the child's mental world, plays a significant role in expanding a child's mental horizon.  Assam, the land of fairy tales, is quite interesting in this regard.  The collection of Assamese Tales is rich in the oral form, and in the collection of books of various tales, etc.  These tales are full of morality and entertainment.  Almost all children read and listen to tales in their childhood but not all children are aware of its practical aspects.  Today's children, on the other hand, are more attracted to TV, mobile phones, etc. than these tales.  In this case, the parents have a lot to do. Tales can help a child to develop various qualities like morality, language skills, creativity etc. as well as healthy mental development.  In this research paper, we have tried to discuss such important aspects of the practical aspects of Tales. 

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