Representation of Body in Postcolonial and Eco-critical context in Annie John by Jamaica Kincaid

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Dr. Muhammad Ajmal Khan, Behzad Anwar, Dr. Khalid Ahmed, Aadila Hussain, Bisma Butt


The purpose of this study is to investigate the iteration of body in Jamaica Kincaid’s work, and especially how Ecocritical and Postcolonial theories may informthose representations.

This study also looks at the narratorAnnie John to explore the embodiment, discussions and order of place, and the different scopes of environment that eachnarrator must involve with. Both terms, postcolonial and ecocritical are vast and varied, but the main focus is to discuss those features of place that establish each discipline. The study of surroundings and environment is being explored in ecocritical and also how body of protagonist mediates them.  In postcolonial, the experiences of the colonial are mainly focused and also tells about how the narrator resettles the search forcompleteness and source within the shift of colonialism. The study highlights many topics that are sex and smell, death and the figure of the mother and several other topicsrelevant to the novel as they are narrowed to body.

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