The effect of using Facebook on family silence and healthcare issues in Ha'il city: A field study during the Corona period

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Mohammed EL Nadir Abdallah Tani , Jazaa Farhan AL Shammari, Arif Juma Biro Trouk , Nassredine Cheikh Bouhenni


      The researcher will address the impact of Facebook On family silence, the researcher in this topic will be exposed to the secretions of using Facebook on family silence. This site was chosen based on the popularity of its use and by observation, as we find it one of the most important social networking sites which is the most used site as it gives its users the opportunity to get acquainted and communicate and also allowed them to present themselves with great freedom, and in more than one way and we find that it has become an indirect means of compensation It is the only outlet in social life, and Saudi society is considered one of the societies that knows a wide spread in contacting this social networking site.

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