Privacy of Right in Forgetfulness Principle Under Social Media

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Dr. Abdullah Imhammad Al-Tarawneh ,al gthean


Social Media means offers creative free services in general, where the activists are able to record whatever data and information they want and exchange the same with other participants. The data, information and content published might take the commercial data form or the personal data form, which are strictly close to the interactive person. These data and information have legal and spiritual value for its owner in specific period of time; otherwise it shall be useless and could cause tangible and intangible damage to such owner.

Therefore, the right in forgetfulness principle emerges outs as a personal right tightly linked with individuals, which should be adopted by the Jordanian legislator, so individuals are permitted to demand removal, deleting or amending the posted information, data or content which became incorrect, expired or time passed, provided that this right in forgetfulness shall not contradict with the public interest.

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