Robo Advisory Services: Emergence, Implementation and Future in India

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Ismat Gill


Robo-Advisors refer to web and algorithm-based software platforms which offer fully automated financial investment advisory services without human intervention. These robo-advisors appeal to new-age investors as they provide simple user interface, online convenience, transparency, integrity and quality advice, free of bias. Robo-advisory is not a danger or a supplement for conventional off-line financial advisors who offer specialized investment guidance. Artificial intelligence is largely driven by human intelligence. Robo-advisory completely automatic method without human intervention is at a very early stage and already has a niche demand in India. In India, not only start-ups but also proven financial advisory firms such as Birla, Bajaj Securities, ICICI securities and Sanctum Wealth Management are optimistic and positive about the potential of robo-advisories in India and have begun to join this market either through in-house offerings or through collaborations with leading fund houses. The Indian stock sector is well governed and financial advisors seeking to offer robo-advisory services shall conform with the laws and regulations set out in the SEBI (Investment Advisors) Regulations for 2013.

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