Cultural Determinants of Depression: An ethnographic perspective about mental health

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Imtiaz Ali Seelro, Abdul RazaqueChanna, InamullahLeghari


This article is about cultural determinants of depression. The article explores relationship between cultural patterns and psycho-social factors causing depression among people living in a small rural village of Mir Karam Ali Khan Mangal district Kamber-Shahdadkot northern Sindh Pakistan. Current research also aims to investigate the local’s point of view about health, wellbeing, illness, and depression.

Qualitative methods were employed to conduct the research for understanding cultural nuances of depression as culture and health cannot be studied in isolation. Health system of any society is innately associated with the cultural ethos and practices.

Consequently, culture plays a significant role in shaping and developing overall health of an individual and society.  There are few important factors such as family conflicts, change of moral values, famishment of wealth and economic hardships which are important cultural determinants of depression in selected research locale. The study has observed how cultural or social factors, one way or another, become the cause of depression.

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