The effect of the Appleton model on the acquisition of syntactic concepts among students of the College of Administration and Economy, Department of Industrial Management

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Dr. Taghreed Fadhil Abbas, Rafid Sabah al - Tamimi


The teaching Arabic language is marred by many deficiencies because teachers are focusing on a purely theoretical method. Therefore, there is an urgent need to employ modern teaching methods.Accordingly, this investigationaimedat identifying the effect of the Appleton model onstudents' acquisition of Arabic syntacticconcepts. The research specimenconsisted of the first-stage students in the Department of Industrial Management,College of Administration and Economy, Baghdad University for the academic year 2019-2020, the first semester. It was concluded thatthe Appleton model had an effect on the acquisition of Arabic syntactic concepts compared to the conventional method.Based on the research findings, the researchers suggested some recommendations.

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