The Aspect of Intelligence in Negotiation Processes

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Svetlana D. Gurieva, Oksana V. Zashchirinskaia, Ekaterina O. Shumskaya, ElenaA. Karpova


The presented article is devoted to the study of the relationship between social and emotional intelligence with the choice of a negotiation strategy. The scientific research involved 79 mid-level executives working for the XXXCompany in the city of St. Petersburg. The respondents were surveyed by a range of methodologies including J. Guilford’s ‘Social Intelligence’ test, questionnaire on emotional intelligence ‘EmIn’ (by D.V. Lyusin), S.P. Myasoedov’s‘Styles of Negotiation’questionnaire, K. Thomas's ‘Description of Behavior’test, and personal preferences forms. Data processing involved descriptive statistics of the parameters of all diagnostic tools, Spearman's Rho correlation analysis, one-way ANOVA test, and factor analysis. The study tested hypotheses on the relationship between the level of social and emotional intelligence and the choice of the negotiation strategy. The study demonstrated significant differences by gender; also, an interaction was revealed between the level of emotional and social intelligence, the choice of a negotiating strategy, and behavior in conflict situations.

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