Research of the System of Student-Age Population Attitudes to Online Occupational Interactions under Pandemic Conditions

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Marina S. Chvanova, Irina A. Kiseleva, Yury V. Shlenov


The research problem involves the identification of the system of students' attitudes to various aspects of professionally-oriented interaction via theInternet. The solution to this problem could be of interest to all types of educational advisors as it promotes the harmonization of youth attitudes towards socialization in the professional online communities.The article presents the results of a survey of modern youth, as well as residents of cities and towns of various occupancies; the survey was aimed to reveal the attitude of young people to professional-oriented interaction in online communities. The relevance of this research is due to the need to study issues related to identifying the level of students’ interest in occupational-related Internet communication, obtaining professional expertise in online communities, and attitudes towards various aspects of occupational online interaction. Also, the problemgains momentum during the pandemic, when the actual practice is often limited. The results of the survey can be used to build methods of educational and occupational-related interaction while training university students under pandemic conditions.

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